MRG History

Chapter 1 - Old War History: First Days of MES

Date: 2006-The 5th Mandalorian Day.

How It Stared-Exact Information: Unknown.

How It Started-Research Explanation: Jealousy, Bounty Hunters, or Haters of Mana'lor.

Enemy Leader: WYOMING-Bounty Hunter

Our Site:

Enemy Site: Unknown History: The Oldest War we had was against spies and Smugglers. They Imposter us. They made us hated. But, As Mandalorians never give up, we still stood. Just before the new year they disappeared. We fought for our Lives in this Deathly Battle we had.


Chapter 2 - The Mandalorian Army Rampage: The New Year

Date: 2007-Our 2nd Month

How It Started-Exact Information: An Honorable Leader... For A While

How It Started-Research Explanations: None

Enemy Leader: None

Enemy Site: None

History: This is where my Manda'o Clan grew as the most powerful in the galaxy. Someone, who I forgot his name Help me get 75 Elite Recruits. Many lost The Honor, and then flooded out. They joined smugglers, and other poor Clans. One walks as my Manda'o Guard to this day. Jacob. The Recruiter Changed his name to Auto-Aim and started a few other Clans. SWAT, and some others. He was a great Recruiter, a great Leader, and most of all a True Manda'yaim. Then he disappeared. 7 Soldiers of mine survived what I don't know wiped them all out forever. Then they dropped. Just Jacob left.


Chapter 3 - Our Last hope: We Were Almost Gone

Date: 2008-Our 6th Month

How It Started-Exact Information: A Loyal Recruit?

How It Started-Research Explanations: None

Enemy Leader: Our Hero And Our Enemy

Enemy Site:

History: When I was about to give up, I asked one more time for a loyal soldier. There was someone who said can I join. After Recruiting him he was a very good soldier. Honorable and Friendly. He made Servers that anyone could join. After a Month passed he got angry for no apparent reason. Then I recruited someone called Mystery. And some others that dropped out. Thire was a Sergeant at the time and Mystery was a Corporal. That's when Thire booted Everyone from my server. Even those who wanted to join. That's how we got hated again. Then two other loyal soldiers disappeared. All that was left was me, Mystery, and Thyer. By then, Mystery was a Lieutenant And Thyer was constantly demoted to a Captain to a Lieutenant. Then Thire quit. But then came back. Constantly quitting and joining back. After the madness was over. I went to a server called ERT Training. with a few ERT Players about four. What I found surprising was {ERT}Ldr.Thyer. I joined the server... It was Thire. He said sorry. And I let him back in. He said he just wanted a higher rank. Then 5 weeks later I was in his server alone with him talking. Randomly a WU Came in. Then Thire Yelled at me, then acted calmly angry at me. Then quit and Randomly join WU... I didn't see him for a while. Then He reappeared with {ERT}Ldr.Thyer again. Except with Snake. His Co-Lead. So he actually did Lead ERT. Now I was in a mess. To this day Thyer is gone. I still keep in contact with him. He Lied about defeating WU and my Clan from his site. Then, Thire finished... 1,2,3 Months...


Chapter 4 - Our Final Trail: The Beginning of ESOF

Date: 2009-Our First Year

How It Started-Exact Information: Our Hope that walks...

How It Started-Research Explanations: None

Event Leader: Neyo

Event Site:

History: We were about to fall again. Except I was about to Fail Mand'alor and quit. Thou someone with a lot of Experience in War and Fighting joined us. Neyo. He was the First to join ESOF too. He did Training most Impressive. His Fighting and Honor was Elite. He Encouraged me to fight on for Mand'alor. He was a True Manda'yaim. He still helps to this Date. He Advanced MES. Made it Supreme. I also got back my Fallen Ally Elite. Sharen came back as a Veteran. We Fight for Mand'alor Forever in honor. Not Skill, not Awards, or Thievery.


Chapter 5 - The New Trial: A New Start

Date: 2009-Our First Year

How It Started-Exact Information: Our Clan was crippled...

How It Started Research Explanations: None

Event Leader: None

Event Site: None

History: We were a sliver of nothing. Four Clans, Wu, WUSI, IRR, and FD. They were very cruel to all that were under them. Friends were lost to their power. So, I couldn't take anymore. So I wiped the Old out of MES. Now the GGR, Grand Galactic Republic-is in power. New hopes and fighters join. We take the Average to the Elite. We don't take thugs. We Trust, We Respect, We Help all clans. We are the Republic. Now enemies rise to us. Since were the Light, it flickers. Many traitors come in. Thieves And Lies to us all. We stand.


Chapter 6 - The ACW: An Annual Clan War

Date: 2009-Our First Year

How It Started-Exact Information: A Teller

How It Started-Research Explanations: None

Event Site:

History: Now we fight in the ACW, Annual Clan War-Hosted by Admin. Captain Neyo informed me. The ACW has been on for a while. This was a first fight in it. Neyo took hand for the ARC, We as GGR, and there was 3 others that got defeated in week one. Our First Battle Arrives, no 91st show up. Then we found that their were no ACW Battles that week. Now Admin, the host disappeared Neyo or other known as Appo in this, reported that he would get a new host for it. Then the ACW was canceled all together that year.


Chapter 7 - Hero’s Fall and Come: They came and Left

Date: 2009-Our Final Days of the First Year

How It Started-Exact Information: Neyo Left, Thire Came, then left...

How It Started-Research Explanations: Drafted, Virus

Our Site:

History: Now we are a good standing above all organized clans. FD was completely confusing and unordered, Wu and WUSI was still a good organization, IR was growing little by little, and unfortunately BL was disappearing... Ourselves, were growing. With Jacob, Sharen, Neyo, and I were organized in the midst of War. Now we needed someone new, but who. Neyo was someone that kept the Clan together... he made it good in use like a Republic. He was a great Leader and Follower. Then I made 2 Royal Recruits, Denal and Heavy. Heavy disappeared before the next thing I new. Denal was a high loyal soldier always ready for anything in his way. That's what we needed for the Clan... After many Weeks of organizing, Neyo informed us that he would be going to War. That shocked us all. Strangely, FD was crippling and Thire showed up... Denal is heart of this one now. Now Thrie had made other plans... He left again. That ends as fast is it can go. Nothing special... Just another step through History...


Chapter 8- A Cause and Effect: ERC vs ODST War

Date: 2009/2010-Our Final Days of the First Year and the First days of the new year

How It Started-Exact Information: Picking and Screaming!

How It Started-Research Explanations: Two encore Conversations

Event Sites: / Forgoten

History: A Month later trouble happened, ERC and ODST Started to bash each other causing people from both Clans to Clash. This brought them to a War. It was disgustingly Brutal... In the end ERC Hired an elite Mercenary Unit and won with a surprise garrison. This Lead ERC to Victory. Even though GGR cooled, we still knew the job was done.


Chapter 9- The Break Threw: Clans Destiny

Date: 2010-Our First New Year's day

How It Started-Exact Information: Ezio's Trial?

How It Started-Research Explanations: Unsure

Event Soruces: / / xfire

History: FD grew and shrank. GGR stayed in an Elite position of all clan not recruiting as much but having much to teach. Ezio had quit GGR trying to turn GGR in its own power to destroy FD's weakness, no members with Fire... I stopped that, it drawed anger to him enough to make a Clan in order to rip FD in half... The GGR made Words that they will protect FD. Therefore causing a new Company in GGR, the Alpha Commandos. They worked great with the Omegas and Betas. We knew the Xio backed down before attacking. Later many GGR Enlisted GGR became Officers since they wanted high Ranks, and knowledge. I allowed that trusting them. They succeed and still succeed today. After all this we got more recruits because of their Training. I was glad I didn't have to work that much after words since they knew... alot. Now GGR Expanded Day by Day. But now in my eyes GGR is growing slower than anything. The soldiers knew that I was getting worn out... I trained officers  with the last that I could do... Flick, it worked... GGR recruited without me. Later, Xio showed up in my contact. So i was able to teach him. he had no longer threats. GGR was in its place... Growing... Growing... Then it was All silent... Not a sound... Not a darkness... Silence of the Galaxy, Peace. GGR showed as peace. Everything seemed abandoned... Then.. We Raised Again. FD had no longer shown! Neither as any! 


Chapter 10- Silence: Protectors, Defenders, Fighters, Warriors

Date: 2010-Our First Months of the New Years

How it Started-Exact Information: What I have Learned...

How it Started-Research Information: My Conscience

Event Soldiers: GGR, DuKu, VN

History: A learned lesson to see to your allies thoughts. Do let is pass, you need to know your Allies thoughts of you and you soldiers. A great many Soldiers were going to Officer. We knew we depended on each other now. Not to fight and lean on each other, but depend. I saw one of my, deceived corrupted Friends called DuKu, who once impostered me. He challenged to a 'Death Match'. Meaning if I lose he takes my place in GGR and I have to leave forever. I said no, my work is to hard, I did not sleep, Fighting for breathe, This is the work of me. He teased me in a pain he felt. We all now i'm Brave, but not stupid... Officer BDS... Got into a fight with a VN Clan.. It was the VNs anger he causes War on GGR... It was stupid of me not to be with my Clan there.. Now we lock 'n load. Hoping for the Great Mandalore will help us! GGR is a Peace Keeper, and if VN wants destruction, We'll give 'em it!


Chapter 11- VEN War: What we've Prepared for

Date: 2010-About the Second month of the Year

How it started-Exact Information: Two punks, One will

How it Started-Research Information: They thought they knew..

Event People: GGR, VN

History: VN though they knew Skill, Power, and Will. They did... But GGR knows Honor, Dedication, and most of all Protect. Now they just begun into a fight taking place... VN fell horribly, 70 over 30. GGR Has claimed Victory for their next War! Training, Fighting, Everything was noticeable that we knew it. A fast deady match. But we pulled threw the last of things... Now, I was making new plans for the Republic..


Chapter 12- Flashbacks: The Coming of MES Veterans

Date: 2010-The Third month of the Year

How it Started-Exact Information: Two old friends come back!

How it Started-Research Information: None really

Event People: Josh and Tessar

History: GGR was losing some Soldier's Serving. This was because of me. I need to watch my Clan more. Make sure they're a Republic, standing tall. Josh appeared. A MES General Two Years ago. This I was pleased to see. Then out of all people, a Month later.. I see Tesar. A MES Tactical Sergeant. Since the beginning of MES. He was lost for more than Josh. I barely even remembered his name. Although he showed to me. Now the GGR Grows!


Chapter 13- GGW4: The joining of the Grand Galactic War 4

Date: 2010- Around fourth month of the Year

How it Started-Exact Information: Appo asks to join a competition?

How it Started-Research Information: None

Event Site:

Event People: Appo

History: GGR was probably the Biggest and most Active Clan in The SWBF. Now we were trained a ready for everything that hit us. Appo, a fellow friend of mine, asks me to join the GGW4 a couple times.. I said no mostly, but I knew something was wrong.. So I joined. The first clan to join the GGW4. Appo showed me new ways to Update The GGR Main Base. So far, were doing good. We await the Battles in Summer.. Meanwhile GGR was going Down Hill.. It wasn't good that DW was getting very big, but formerly

 Unorganized. I continually try to get GGR back. All my members were on break, I only had Josh, Inky and some others. We wait until the start.


Chapter 14 - The Menace: SNIPE Manafest

Date: 2010- Fourth Month

How it Started- Exact Information

How it Started- Research Information

Event Site:

Event People: SNIPEs

History: GGR was dieing. We had no hope but depend on a happening of the heavens. I was going to shut down GGR in a couple Months. All clans exterminating down with GGR. Rarely saw a squad of Clans Soldiers in a system. Then a flash of Light, I went to play SWBF, alone with Inky. Jony then appeared on Xfire Comlink, then in the game. Then came Eagle, and more GGR! Its was the re rise of GGR! Long live GGR! Long live! Then like always an attack came with the treasure. SNIPE was rising a little, but not enough, but he got a HQ of his own- almost begging everyone to join. Even me. After I bit we trained, and that's when we raised that night. When my men were all at attention he rushed in alone, killing all my soldiers in attention, a few milliseconds after- he failed when we outnumbered him. 


Chapter 15 - A Grand Opening: GGR's Amazing Growth
Date: 2010- State Testing
How It Started- Exact Information: My Speech
How It Started- Researched Information: None
History: I talked some sense into GGR. Then, from my eyes, it worked. GGR grew. 5 Soldier active all day to minimum, max was about 8. No lies, we worked hard to improve ggr. Now new recruits like Shiv. Also introductions like: new recruitment poster. GGR just seemed to smack the top line of SWBF on the creese. But, like always SNIPE's stup.

Chapter 16- Too much to Forfeit: SNIPE vs SAS & GGR War
Date: 2010- State Testing Over
How It Started- Exact Information: Mr.S rages with SAS Leader, McLovin?
How It Started- Researched Information: A Little spicey temperature!
History: I heard that Mr.S and McLovin snapped and hissed at each other like usual, but this time.. Mr.S declared war, when McLovin called him a "bad name", they declared war on SNIPE and a lot of unnecessary hassle rumbled under the mandalorians shoe. We fought hard and strong, leaving SNIPE in the dust, claiming victory and tie over two officer battles GGR swarming. We Won. He Lost. SAS died. SNIPE lessened. GGR Rose.


Chapter 17 - Rookies: New GGR Recruits

Date: 2010- Three more Days then Summer

How It Started- Exact Information: A New GGR recruited a lot of Newer GGR

How It Started- Researched Information: Chain Reaction!

History: I recruited Shiv, leaving to Ner cutting up the comlink with foul curses, but before he did that he decide to sound trusting. After revealing himself to us, we kicked him out of our Republic, showing we not hungry for members. Shiv proved a trusting squad lead in the 39th Attack Legion, GGR expanded its size to a organized ammount. If anyone declared War on us, we we're ready. Shiv recruited more GGR into his squad, as Pettie and Kyr. When they work together they give off an impossible beat, not to mention our officers and Legion Master Sergeant Josh with his battle skills and Scout's officer expertise. 39th was the heart of GGR's marine attack. 212th was a little small comparing to the 39th, but they're were elite soldiers in 212th, like Sergeant Inky, Ian, and that ace gunner Scorch. A new GGR came, Private Stealth; recruited by Sarge Josh.


Chapter 18 - The Anti-GGR

Date:2010- Middle of Summer

How it started: Ner’s anger leads to incompetence 

History: After shiv had joined GGR, Ner was furious with Roth and GGR, after being a target on GGR list of potential threats he vanished, only to show up again with new tags, and a clan of his own. The Anti GGR were lead by Ner and a future FC member by the name of Ladeer. This lead to an evident battle with these thugs on geonosis, where we destroyed them. The losing group, with ner commanding them, were given an option to either join us or leave the game. Many of them joined up or went to other clans. Ner was allowed into GGR and became a loyal soldier to the cause.

Chapter 19- Mandalore Missing

Date: 2010- After summer

How it started- Exact information: summer ends, Jacob retires and Sharon is MIA

History: The summer was not very good for us. Many of our members were missing or had retired from gaming. Roth himself had disappeared which did not help with the activeness of lesser ranks. The order was kept unchecked. Then, another unheartinging event occurred. Jacob, the leader of 212. Had retired from the clan, sparks flew between Jacob and josh, a veteran who saw many absences but returned from each. Sharon, the 39th marine general was also missing at the time as well. New leaders had to be made, or else GGR was to fall.


Chapter 20- New leader, kinda

Date:2010- 3 months after Roth’s absence

How it started- Lack of leader, tired soldiers 

History: After the outing of GGR’s leaders. Roth saw how loyal and determined his old member Josh was, and decided to give him the reigns of leadership while he was gone. Reluctant, Josh lead GGR until Roth would come back, recruiting members and keeping things in order until Mandalore would return. But Josh’s leadership would last longer than he had first planned, and started to organize new ideas into GGR.


Chapter 21- Old members rejoin

Date:2010- 7 months after Roth’s absence

History: With GGR being lead by Josh, it started to grow in members at a steady rate. Josh was an elite sniper so his skills proved useful when recruiting other skillful snipers and elite members. Training with shiv and pettie, they honed their skills. Josh was facing members of WUSI, the World’s Ultimate Sniping Infantry and found a long lost member of MES who went by the name of Bang-Killed. He grew close to her and was finally able to get her back into her original home. Under the new name of Star, along with Josh and the other elite snipers they became a dangerous enemy to many.


Chapter 22- The long silence 

Date:2011- Start of the new year

How it started- Death of a computer leads to inactiveness 

History: The clan was growing at an amazing rate, new members were joining  and being trained by the old, wars were fought and enemies were eliminated. Then, it fell silent, our members were nowhere to be found. Josh, leading the clan at the time had also disappeared, later found out that his computer had freed itself. This was a dark absence of GGR, as it had no leader, and nobody was able to step up to pull it together. That's when a glimmer of hope arose. Roth had came back to lead again and was able to bring back members that we had lost. 


Chapter 23- The return of GGR’s second leader

Date:2011- 6 months after Roth came back

How it started- Kamino training

History: With Roth leading again we were able to gain members at a steady rate. Josh was still new to leading, and had no experience with training and recruiting effectively.  Roth started up various recruiting servers on the front, allowing members like flea and logs to be recruited. With this Josh had returned during a kamino training and recruitment which pleased everyone as that meant both leaders had returned. With scouter and jony alongside Roth, and Josh’s return, the GGR had a wonderful head of leaders forming.


Chapter 24- Rank changes and Switches 

Date:2011-4 months after Josh came back

How it started- Update to the system

History: The ranking system was starting to be changed. MES saw the concept of made up ranks that came from mandalores head. Now a power in swbf, GGR had gone from those and started to follow military ranks, and were being distilled in this new system. Josh, an older member in MES liked to stay with tradition, and thought that military ranks were too bland. Even so we used them and set up a change to how the tags were put. They went from (GGR)Rank.Name to Name.Rank{GGR}. This caused confusion to older members who found themselves returning to GGR. The new tag layout only lasted a few months before it was switched back. 


Chapter 25- Start of GRC

Date:2012-2 months after new years

How it started- GGR member confronts us

History: The new year had rolled passed us and our roster comprised of mainly 30 soldiers. On a training day an old member by the name of Sev had confronted Roth about possibly being allies, confused, we asked him to be allies with who. That's when he said he wanted to create a clan for himself, name it GR and have it become GGR’s little sister. We discussed things with the rest of our members and thought that this would actually be a great way to get members from each to inter mingle with each other, and if it ever died, have its members be passed over. We were reluctant about the name of the new clan so the leader, named Mark, was to call it GRC to represent the Galactic Republic Commandos. Both GGR and GRC became a close knit group that really felt like a family.


Chapter 26- The silence

Date:2013-Next year

How it started-Lack of activeness

History: Our sister clan GRC had been growing steadily, and numbers of GGR starting to fall again. The only person who was on actively was Josh, and things had to change. Josh would  retire from GGR and come back under a new name Phoenix, with this, he started to recruited members like Dark, and Broom who would aid him in growing a new era of GGR.


Chapter 27- GGR’s site is hacked

Date: 2013- start of summer

How it started- GRC member attacks

History: GRC had been dealing with some troublesome members in its roster for quite some time. One of them being a member by the name of Napolean, who wanted to end all other clans and have GRC reign supreme. Sev, known to GRC as Mark had gone missing in this absence, and would secretly join GGR again as Sev ad he saw GRC deemed a failure. Before that however, Napolean had impersonated Mark and had coaxed Phoenix to give him the info to hack the GGR website. This was quickly fixed and Napolean was banned from GRC, with this however, GGR would switch to a backup site that was created by Josh in the early days of GGR. Now having a fully functional website again he started to get down to business.


Chapter 28- The new Era

Date: 2013- Mid summer

How it started- Phoenix and his recruits

History: Once again Roth rejoined us occasionally on the battlefield, having new members to meet and train meant that old members were needed to train them. Phoenix, along with his new second in command Dark, would recruit the new members of GGR. Or also known as GGR’s 2.0 stage. These soldiers included BlackBurn, Doombot, NightShade and Sere. Who were skilled players that would create a nice cushion for members to want to join into. Along with some of the new members was an old GGR member and EX Wusi member by the name of Soul. With these new additions we were able to recruit members like Twisty, BlackFett, Aidan, and others and have enough members to have funwars with the likes of Alpha and TCF. GGR’s 2.0 Era was one that was of splendor. 


Chapter 29- The Gamespy Close


How it started- Disney buys LucasFilm and LucasArts

History: Things were going great. GGR was starting to get back into the swing of things as battles were won, members were recruited, and even video series were remade. This changed suddenly when Disney bought LucasFilm. Many people did not know what to expect from this change, as they did buy marvel and they were doing well. As the confusion continued the Swbf1 Community was struck hard, the Gamespy servers that hosted the games on swbf1 were shut down by disney. This occurred on swbf1, swbf2 and Republic Commando. Every Single person who was plying swbf1,  probably about 300 players, had been wiped out in one stance. All the work that clans had done was gone, and everyone was silent for a long year.


Chapter 30-

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em